APEC 8/19: Open Mic

Watch six amazing ad hoc presentations from Justin Coven, Michael Boyd, Mike Lilov, Drew Aurigma, William Schram, and Bruce Cornet!

Justin Coven discusses Paul LaViolette’s SubQuantum Kinetics & Meta-Analysis, Michael E. Boyd presents a lengthy slideshow on Resolving the Extra Dimensions of Gravity, Mike Lilov provides insights into Bedini Motor Circuitry, Drew Aurigema showcases his team’s Gravity Capacitor Experimental Results & Scaling, William Schram briefly touches on concepts UFO Propulsion & Paul Hill’s UFO Analysis, and Bruce Cornet discusses his UFO Experience.

0:00 – Introduction
Tim Ventura introduces APEC Open Mic for July Aug 19th, 2023.

Justin Coven – Paul LaViolette’s SubQuantum Kinetics & Meta-Analysis

Michael E. Boyd – Resolving the Extra Dimensions of Gravity

Mike Lilov – Bedini Motor Circuitry

Drew Aurigema – Gravity Capacitor Experimental Results & Scaling

William Schram – UFO Propulsion & Paul Hill UFO Analysis

Bruce Cornet – UFO Experience

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