APEC 7/22: Open Mic

Watch six amazing ad hoc presentations from Jack Sarfatti, Mark Calvo, Robert Grey, Drew Aurigma, Mark Sokol, and Phil Bouchard!

Jack Sarfatti discusses relativistic UAP physics, Mark Calvo describes his galactic orbital period equation, Robert Gray discusses hard magnetic bubbles, Drew Aurigma discusses thin-film vacuum vapor deposition for asymmetrical capacitors, Mark Sokol does a live test of Roswell “skip site” UFO parts, and Phil Bouchard demonstrates a gallium metal MHD experiment.

0:00 – Introduction
Tim Ventura introduces APEC Open Mic for July 22nd, 2023.

0:02:40 – Jack Sarfatti: Relativistic UAP Physics
Dr. Jack Sarfatti presents an ad hoc overview of relativitistic physics involved with UAP propulsion systems and answers audience questions related to FTL travel within the conventional model of Einstein’s Relativity Theory.

1:13:25 – Mark Calvo: Galactic Orbital Period Equation
Kepler, Newton, Einstein, and modern astrophysicists’ gravity equations all fail to perfectly calculate extragalactic rotational velocity curves. The Cosmological Balance Universe (CBU) galactic orbital period equation in this presentation goes past the three-dimensional approach, into a nine-dimensional quantum solution, an extension of Kepler’s third law. Using recorded observed galactic rotational velocity data and/or mass distribution, the galactic orbital period equation duplicates their rotational velocity curves precisely, and determines any star system’s shielding, the solar system’s halo, sun’s rotational velocity and corona boundary, and the galactic halo (radius, mass, and rotation velocity of each).

1:50:21 – Robert Gray: Hard Magnetic Bubbles
Robert asks, “Would ‘hard’ magnetic bubbles in a disk shaped magnet cause the magnet to rotate?” He describes what a “hard” magnetic bubble is and why this is an interesting question. Could this concept lead to a magnetic motor or generator? He shows similarities to John Searl’s device.

2:36:42 – Mark Sokol: Roswell “Skip Site” UFO Testing
Mark Sokol was provided with claimed “UFO material” recovered from a “skip site” near Roswell, NM by Frank Kimbler. He does a live test of the material, and describes his results.

2:48:05 – Drew Aurigma: Gravity-Capacitor & Vapor Dep Lab
Drew provides a walkthrough of his experimental lab, and discusses the use of willow-glass & vapor-deposited copper for extremely thin-plate asymmetrical capacitors, which Drew claims produce a directional thrust in hard vacuum (10e-6 torr). This is 3 orders of magnitude less air particles in the test chamber particles than typically used in ion-wind experiments.

3:18:47 – Phil Bouchard: Gallium MHD Demo
Phil Bouchard demonstrates a gallium metal MHD experiment in which a circular pool of molten gallium metal cuts the flux lines of a permanent magnet. When DC voltage is applied, the metal accelerates in a circular motion.

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