APEC 7/8: Warp-Drives, Detonation Engine & TR-3B

Dr. Chance Glenn will be discussing on Warp-Drive Bubble Research, Dr. William Rieken, Christopher Obafunwa & Raviv Yatom will describe a new Hybrid Rotational Detonation Engine, and Jarod Yates will explain the TR3-B Black Manta. We’ll also be hearing community news headlines from our media partners, and finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

0:00 – Introduction

0:02:09 – Chance Glenn – Warp Drive Research
Dr. Chance Glenn will describe a planned experiment that involves pumping a radio frequency chamber with a laser beam running through it in order to distort time/space and detect a warp signature. The experiment involves filling the chamber with ethylene glycol, which could allow Glenn to detect traces of gravitational waves, or ripples in spacetime. Glenn is working with ZC industries to identify & harness this approach to warp-drive dynamics, which can be scaled up for use in prototype propulsion systems.

1:00:00 – Rieken, Obafunwa, Yatom – Hybrid Rotational Detonation Engine
Dr. William Rieken, Christopher Obafunwa, and Raviv Yatom will describe a new type of air-breathing engine currently being developed in Japan, and provide examples of applications in aerospace propulsion where it is expected to outperform traditional combustion engine technologies. This engine is notable for having an ISP approximately 20 times higher than normal, enabling a design for an SSTO (single stage to orbit) which they describe in detail.

2:00:00 – Jarod Yates – 2023 UAP Investigation Update
The TR-3B “Black Manta” was described by Ed Fouche as large black triangle utilizing a form of gravity cointrol, developed by Lockheed at the Area 51 S-4 facility. It is believed to be the source of a large number of “black triangle” UFO sightings in the 1990’s, such as a series of 2,600 reports of large black triangular UFOs in Belgium from November 1989 to April 1990 In Belgium. Fouche claimed the TR-3B possessed technology which allowed it to hover indefinitely, as well as perform accelerations greater than 40 G’s. In March 2022, Salvatore Pais gave his first public appearance in which he details his Navy patents, one of which includes plans for a TR-3B like airframe with similar flight characteristics as described by Fouche. In this presentation Jarod will propose a few possible avenues by which this technology may be realized.

3:09:00 – Lab Partners – Experimental Research Updates
Learn about hands-on engineering & technical research on advanced propulsion experiments by our lab partners. Mark Sokol & the Falcon Space team will describe recent work on NMR / EPR gravity-modification experiments, as well as Mark’s gravity-plating experiment and several other projects. Falcon Space continues to grow rapidly & add new equipment for machining & fabrication of experimental systems, and is a regular presenter at APEC. Bryan St. Clair will discuss research being done into new inertial propulsion experiments at St. Clair Tech – with replication assistance from colleague Ross Small. Other labs are anticipated to share updates as well during this time.

3:54:00 – Media Partners – Current News & Events
Learn about emerging tech stories, trends & headlines from our media partners, who will provide an overview of top headlines along with details of their latest stories & online coverage. APEC is proud to work on conjunction with a variety of community-focused independent media outlets to help share news & raise awareness about continuing research in breakthrough propulsion technologies.

4:06:00 – Open Discussion
General discussion & followup questions on scheduled presenters will take place during APEC’s open discussion. This is a regular part of each conference and allows attendees to communicate, collaborate & update each other on research, trends, and news items important to the community.

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