Sarfatti Science Seminars: Cortona 2023 – May 22nd

Learn the backstory behind the UAP Phenomenon and the science that makes them fly with John Warner IV, Robert Addinall, and Dr. Jack Sarfatti in the first episode of the remarkable week-long Cortona event.

0:00 – John Warner: The UAP Phenomenon
John Warner IV discusses the social & political trends involved with UAP – beginning with the disclosure role of his cousin, Chris Mellon.

44:07 – Robert Addinall: UAP Observations and Metric Engineering
Robert Addinall delivers an in-depth summary of the UAP Phenomenon in, “UAP Observations and Metric Engineering: Patterns in Examples from the 20th and 21st Centuries”.

1:24:45 – Jack Sarfatti: UAP Propulsion Physics
Finally, Dr. Jack Sarfatti discusses his role in developing the physics involved with understanding UAP propulsion systems, based on his work with the “Weightless Warp Drive”.

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