APEC 6/11, Part #8 – Sokol & Schaffer – Lab Updates

https://www.altpropulsion.com – Mark Sokol and Aidan Schaffer will discuss the latest updates to the lab in preparation for their upcoming experiment marathon. This includes the addition of a Vacuum Vapor Deposition machine for thin-film metamaterial manufacturing for use in various experiments including Alzofon.

They will also attempt to manufacture the now infamous “UFO SKIN SAMPLE” consisting of Bismuth Zinc and Magnesium along with their oxide layers for test in the EPR Alzofon setup.

Additionally, they will also going to be giving the Podklenov Gravity Impulse Experiment another shot with a much more accurate replication including a custom-made acrylic vacuum chamber and massive Helmholtz coils.

Aidan will also present on his replication attempt of the Manelles thermoelectric conversion device and a custom-made magnet conditioner that allows the creation of scalar magnetic fields in a ferrite magnet.

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In the June 11, 2022 session, Shreesh Holla presents on the QuantumLoop field propulsion technology, Jim Buckeyne proposes a mathematical model for Quantized Weight, and David Pares discusses the Variable Electromagnetic Drive. Mark Sokol & Aidan Schaffer provide detailed lab updates in preparation for their upcoming experimental marathon, and our ad hoc session features Apache UAP analysis by Michael Boyd and presentations by Phil Bouchard & Charles Crawford III.

Links & Resources:

• Shreesh Holla: http://www.anagy.io
• Jim Buckeyne: https://github.com/d3x0r/STFRPhysics
• David Pares: https://www.qed-ne.com/team

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