Super simple aquaonics update

Hi all,

In this video i show the construcion i made from pallet wood, to contain the super simple aquaponics system.
Because pallet wood rots very quickly, i impregnated it with a mixtuere of wood glue and water. This mixture soaks into the wood and makes it water tight. Preserving it and keeping the wood from rotting. This is a very easy and super cheap way to preserve your wooden furniture and stuff you have staning outside in the rain.

The aquaponics system will be a continueous loop system. With a hydroton bed.
This will moisturize the hydroton constantly and also aerate the plants constantly. I thin k it will be best of both worlds. (hydroponics and standard aquaponics) inthat it can not clog up. The water level of the fish is always the same. So there is a real mini constant running eco system.

hope you enjoy !

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