Finished super simple aquaponics system – awesome and portable

Hi all,

This is the system, finished. At least for the aquaponics part.
I plan to build a tranparant roofing over it to protect it from the weather.

This system is a constant flow and constant drain system.
The advantages are that the plants get constant moisture, nutrients, but also constant air to the root system. Because it has no bell siphon, roots can not clog it up, hindering the system to work.

The fish water level stays constant also, so they are not stressed by constant water level dropping.

This system can be scaled up in that the water quantity stays the same, but the grow beds are much larger. Because of the constant drain. Also there is no hasle with tuning a bell siphon. There is none.

I will build a seperate filter to go inline with the water supply. But later on that project.

I hope you enjoy what i am doing. Leave me a comment or some ideas i might incorporate.

Thx for your attention !

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