Micro Joule Thief Kit – Assembled

Micro Joule Thief Kit – Assembled
For Stem/Science Curriculum – Science Fair
Works with any 1.5v battery: AA, AAA, C, D, Operational Voltage: 0.4-1.5v
Lights up an LED with the energy left behind in ‘dead’ batteries
Designed and assembled in the USA
Excellent for STEM Class Curriculum or for a Science Fair
Measures 10mm x 8mm x 6mm, Tiny!
Assembled Joule Thief Kit – Ready to go out of the box. Extracts the last bit of energy out of a dead battery. Super tiny package, a little bit bigger than a 5mm LED. Measures 10mm x 8mm x 6mm Wires measure approx 10cm. Operational Voltage Range: 0.4-1.5v. Ships in anti-static bag.
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