Joule Thief 3.375 Inch Toroid Twin Bulb

This is another replication of the Lidmotor/Jeanna Joule Thief circuit. I am using two Lights Of America 4 watt (25 watt equivalent) LED bulbs being driven by a hand-wound 3.375″ diameter Lidmotor/Jeanna circuit. (TIP 3055 transistor, 22 ohm resistor) Nice high voltage here. This will run, one or two of these bulbs very nicely and puts out great light on “dead” batteries. More info over at Overunitydotcom in the Joule Thief topic areas. This is free light if you get your dead batteries for free like I do. It will operate from an AA, AAA, C, or D cell. My magnetic connectors and battery holder allow any size to be used.

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