Free Energy or Fake Innovatehno update

Free Energy or Fake Innovatehno update
A friend of mine and his croatian speaking partner had success in visiting the office of Innova Tehno in Croatia and they found this woman, who seems to be the new owner of this “free energy device”.
The old inventor seems to have left the company.

My friend was shown this device running with 3 LED light lamps as the load for several minutes during their visit.

The woman said, that this is the only device and she wants to have 5000 Euros in advance and wanted to build up a production facility to build these devices….

So they lied also to me, that they could deliver already earlier a device to me…..

On this visit my friend said, that it seems not to be powered from a hidden cable from the floor, cause it stands on these peaked wooden planks..and he also could not detect any holes in the floor….
But surely it could be, that they could hide a bigger Lithium battery inside the device…
Also he said, that the bigger top “U” – shaped looking “Core” material is just a fake core and that it is only from foam material and cardboard material, so there is no iron inside the upper U-Shape…
Also the woman did not want to have my friend help setup a production plant, she only wanted to have 5000 Euros in advance which my friend did not want to pay for “nothing”….when he does not know , if it is faked or not….

So all in all, this is still highly suspicious and really looks like a fake with all their past lies and I highly recommend, NOT TO PAY ANY MONEY to them, until they will fully show all details and that there is no hidden cable or hidden battery inside….
Hope this helps.
Regards, Stefan.
Here is the complete Playlist about this device.

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