Free Energy Device – 3rd Party visit Free Energy Device – 3rd Party visit
I got an email from a visitor to InnovaTehno in Zagreb Croatia, who had visited this company in December 2016 and filmed the device.
Here is the movie of it.
He answered my following questions this way:

Do you still have email or phone contact with Innova ?

Sorry not anymore. The mobile phone number from our contact Denis is not existent any more

When did you speak to them the last time ?

We speak to Denis last time in the beginning of February. After your post on the forum we could not reach him anymore.

What did you exactly check with the unit ?

We made some photos and video. I checked if the heating elements radiate heat and they were.

Did you move the unit, so it could be seen, that there was coming no cable through the floor ?

Because of the current events we are sorry that we did not move the device. The device was screwed to the floor and we did not have tools to remove screws. The deal was that we get one device on February for 30 days trial period so we did not check the device like we would check it now.
So there is still possibility that device is powered thru the floor.

How long did you run the device at their place

We were at device around 1 hour. Because heating elements don’t radiate heat nonstop at full power I would say that output varied between 3 – 6kw.

Regards, Stefan.

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