usb rgb Light

rgb light design –
controller- amc7135 – – (Common Cathode rgb controller)

rgb, rf controlled, active cooled, emergency / camping / mountable, directional night hiking / rec USB powered lantern.
$2 – rgb “remote control striplight controller” – 5v2Ax3
$9 – 3x cree xre 7090 current limited at ~700mA each
$4 – 24mm 5v 100mA fan
$3 – heatsinked/lapped/arctic silver x6 amc7135 sot89 current regulators

Intake directed through amc7135 heatsink fins, through 5v ras pie fan, then through led heatsinks out the face exhaust vents.

App is free on googleplay under title – rgb controllers

Printed with prusä i3 / petg

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