RWG-OSD # 26: Milling PCB’s – 3D Printer Makes Its Own PCB’s! Double Sided!!!

RWG-OSD # 26: Milling PCB’s, 3D Printer Makes Its Own PCB’s! Double Sided!!!

OK all! This will be a very fun build! step by step build series. This is part 26!

In this video I try to make some PCB’s with this printer for this printer! more work to do and some more set up time needed but i think i can get it to work fine. just need to take my time with it more next time.

I will in a future video I will show how I took the PCB files and turned them in to G code.

The RWG-OSD ( OverSized Delta)

Build Play List:

Dedicate web page:

Info and things here at the forums too!

Also if you are wondering… I’m not interested in buying a delta 3d printer. its WAY WAY WAY more fun to build one from scratch! 🙂

My other Rostock:

Live Stream!:

The filament i’m using for this project was donated by
You rock guys! ( & Gals) do check out what has to offer!
They even will send you FREE SAMPLES! go to there web site for deals.

They are a UK based company, but they sell on amazon and even have prime delivery. USA as well!

there are UK and USA links below:



PS. i don’t get any profit by using the links above…

You can however always donate directly to theses projects here if you wish:

God Bless! ~Russ Gries

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