FREE ENERGY – USB LED Light for your Flat or Camping via Powerbanks – Showing USB LED Lamps

FREE ENERGY – USB LED Light for your Flat or Camping via Powerbanks – Showing USB LED Lamps
In this video I show the components I used in my Christmas 2015 video for showing the light from USB PowerBanks.
I am showing now here in this video, how the Anker PowerPort Foldable Solar Panel can be used to power and charge up the Powerbanks I use during the day and then these Powerbanks are used during the night to have light in your Flat, house or on a Camping trip outdoors. As these powerbanks can store a lot of energy and the lights are very efficient you can have the whole evening the light for free all charged up by sun during the day… So this is finally real free energy. Just only buy the components one time and get energy from the sun for free…
Here are the components used in this video:
1. Anker Power Port Solar – Foldable Portable Solar Panel 21 Watts charging PowerBank
(affiliate Link, helps to support the forum, same price as normal amazon price. Many thanks for using this link)
These are the right foldable Solar Panels with stated 21 Watts of output power to recharge pretty fast your powerbanks during the day. These panels have a 22 % sunshine conversion efficiency , so are very nice ! Great also to have during a power outage to power your USB devices. So this is real free energy already today coming from the sun.

2. Interesting USB Nightlights.
Pretty Powerful light from your USB PowerBank or USB Port of your PC or Laptop. With a few of them it should be possible to light up your room with a rechargeable PowerBank, so you will have always light at night times and during the day you reacharge the PowerBank via a Solarpanel USB Charger…so your free energy light is already possible today.

3. Here is this great powerbank EasyACC
for this combination of devices, which has 20.000 mAh capacity and can charge itsself while it is also delivering output power. This way you can leave the solarpanel connected while you power your LED light bulbs also during the day… so the powerbank is recharged during the day, while it can also power the LED lights during the day inside your flat or house…surely can also be used to charge up your mobile phones several times.

4. USB LED Lightbulb Warmwhite:
Onite 5W Portable USB Emergency Lamp will help you out. With a power bank or any USB port, it can be used anywhere.
Warm white light, bright, soft, not dazzling, Powered by any USB source, such as power bank, computer, laptop, or with the cellphone charger adapter.
Convenient with a metal wire hook for portable to hang on or take down anytime. Unlike other Annular plastic hook, our metal wire hook is more durable. Design with a switch to free On/Off, no need to plug and unplug the USB port frequently.
Low consumption, high brightness, stable performance made of high quality materials, Passed CE ROHS certification. Super energy saving, environmental protection.
Long service life, ensuring the normal use of more than 35000 hours, Super bright LED USB light bulb for your camping, beach tent, travel, night market, dormitory, Emergency use.

5. USB LED Thumblight:
These are even better than the ones I showed in this video. These still have a total of 6 LEDs and mine only had 3 LED chips.
Mini USB Light Keychain Pure White with 6 orginal LG LED

6. USB Power Meter:
DROK® Mini OLED USB Current Voltage Test Meter Charger Detector Multimeter DC 5V 12V 3A 30W 99999mAh Volt Amp Power Capacity Display with Power-off Storage function Tester Tool

7. USB RGB LED Stripe with mini-controller for different color modes:
Led strip:1 Meter(3.28 feet) with 30 pcs leds
USB cable (the black cable) is 1 Meter/3.28 feet.

Otherwise I really recommend this bulb now, if you still want to use normal AC house lighting with LED bulbs:

8. This LED filament COB bulb I recently bought is very nice warm yellow LED light ! The best LED bulb I own now..I like the light output very much ! Very relaxing !

Just buy once only these devices and you are good to go to use the power of the sunshine !
Happy New Year 2016 !
Regards, Stefan.
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