Solid State Free Energy Device – The Orbo Cube Charger Compilation

Solid State Free Energy Device – The Orbo Cube Charger Compilation
This is the new Steorn Orbo Cube Charger , a Solid State Free Energy PowerBank Mobile Phone Charger via USB plug.
I made this compilation from 2 Clips I found online and from their Facebook Page at:
which will be redirected to Steorn´s Facebook Page.

The Orbo Cube is some kind of selfcharging Electret Battery, that is made of 2 dissimular metals between some kind of Electret material ( Probably some kind of Carnuba wax or something simular) which is then heated and slowly cooled probably under a high voltage field, so it forms a good electret which then seems to work as a selfcharging battery. The power output seems to be still pretty low that is why they need a Lithium Ion battery as a buffer battery, that is always trickle charged. This way the Lithium Battery is constantly charged 24/7/365days and more peak power can be drawn from it via the Lithium Battery. WHen the Lithium Battery has been drained you then need to wait, until the next charge cycle of your phone can be accomplished… Steorn claims, that you can charge your typical SmartPhone 2 times a day with the Orbo Cube.
So that is pretty nice…
But the problem is the price.
This thing should cost 1200 Euros, so it is very expensive…
Well, surely every new technology is in its first introduction state very
expensive to pay back the research and development costs and Steorn is a Shareholder company, that wants a Return of Investment in their 12 Years financing they have already costing the Shareholders lots of money… so that is why the price is so high…
They say they have already produced many of these Electret Wafers, that power the Orbo Cube in China and will try to sell as many as they can…
Well at this price tag they will probably not sell too many…
FOr this price you can also buy a few Solar panels and powerbanks and charge up your powerbanks via the solar panels during the day and then use the powerbanks to light up a few USB Lights at night or charge your Cell phones…
I guess, this charger should not cost much more than 99 US$ or Euros. so that many more people will buy it… otherwise it is just too expensive… I guess at the right price tag that it will be interesting to many people wanting free energy this way for their mobile phones and USB powered LED lamps, but it still has the huge competition from solar panels, that now have also become pretty cheap…
So we will see also, how long these Orbo Electret Wafers will last, as this is still unkown… but it is finally a step into the right direction.
Hopefully thsi technology can be scaled up, so it soon can produce more electrical output power. Using it for “legal drugs” like the “e-cigarette” industry is in my opinion not so good, but that is probably, where they will get their most money out right now…
In my view it would be better to pair this with efficient LED light bulbs to power the home lights in 3rd world countries…
I guess it is not too difficult to rebuild such an Electret Wafer, you just need the right dissimular metals like Magnesium and Graphite so you have about 1.5 Volts difference voltage and then use Carnoba Wax as the Electret layer between it. Just heat the wax up and make a thin layer between the Magnesium and Graphite plates,
then while the Wax is still hot apply a DC high voltage at around 30 KiloVolts , the Pluspole at the Graphite and the Negative Pole at the Magnesium and let it slowly cool down while you still apply the High DC Voltage. This way the wax will form the electret and make the 2 metals always want to attract free electrons and charged ions from the surrounding air.
Well anyway, well done Steorn.
Regards, Stefan. Please watch: “Orbo Webinar 2 – Steorn Orbo Ophone OCube and Powercell presentations”
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