Orbo Webinar 2 – Steorn Orbo Ophone OCube and Powercell presentations

Orbo Webinar 2 – Steorn Orbo Ophone OCube and Powercell presentations
I just recorded the 2nd webinar from Steorn about their Orbo Cells being integrated into products.
They showed how these new professional build powercells look alike like simular to an AA cell and 2 of them for instance go into their new OPhone, which is a standard simple GSM and Edge net phone, that does not need to recharge. It still has a Lithium-Ion accumulator for storing the charge of the Orbo cells but you don´t need to plug these phones into the grid to charge them up.
The Orbo cells are trickle charging them them up, so the Lithium Ion battery stays always topped up.
The question is, how long one can make a call, until the Lithium Ion battery is discharged and how long will it take then to top up the Lithium Ion battery again. But normally you don´t make too long calls during a day and such a Lithium Ion battery lasts for a few hours of call time.
This OPhone is around 499 Euros in Europe.
It was said and shown on a digital scope that one single Orbo powercell generates about 300 MilliVolts of open circuit voltage.
How much current it can drive was not shown.
But it was shown that it was able to charge up an alectrolytic capacitor which was put across the cell, so this is then real stored Electrical energy. So far so good.
Then they still showed other products, where it is going into, like an electronic cigarette and a game controller for PCs and game consoles, like an XBox style controller…
Also den Orbo Cube Charger is 1200 Euros in Price and will be delivered, soon.
So all in all this looks very promising. Well the price tag in this moment is surely a bit outrageous, but they really want to cash in on all the invested money they have spent over all these years to get their stockholders happy again, so first they will sell it only at high prices, so they can ramp up the production of these powercells…
Well if they would sell these single powercells at a lower price, maybe just 30 US$ for one cell, they would probably also make a good margin and would have much more sales I guess…
Anyway, it could be a start of a new revolution in electrical energy production and that is very welcome, so Steorn, well done Job !

Regards, Stefan. Please watch: “Orbo Webinar 2 – Steorn Orbo Ophone OCube and Powercell presentations”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp_pb… —————
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