Lawrence Tseung Fleet circuit Joule Thief power analysing measurement test PART 1/2

This is the first part of the power measurement scope tests of the Lawrence Tseung Fleet Joule Thief circuit done by Stefan Hartmann, the admin of .

Lawrence claimed the circuit to be COP=1.75, but in my tests it were only around 0.5
or less, so no overunity.

I measured the constant battery voltage with a DVM and the input current on a 1 Ohm shunt. Then I used a graphical folding and interpolation method to calculate the average DC input current, so I could just multiply voltage x current.

The same I did on the LED output.
There was also measured the output current through the LED on a 1 Ohm shunt
and the voltage across the LED.
Then I also used a graphical folding method to see the average values under the waveforms, so one could again just multiply these average DC values to calculate output power.

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Many thanks.
Regards. Stefan.

Link to this video:

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