Ed Leedskalnin Coral Castle Flywheel Secrets Revealed

The term “magnetic tether” comes to mind as I think about the diagram I drew. Just like they’ve found there are magnetic tethers connecting from the sun’s equitorial region (null point of the sun magnet), to the earth.

This might be a closer reasoning of the mechanism of his flywheel. I hope it helps perhaps.

His flywheel definitely has a homopolar aspect to it…we need to incorporate it. Also, the center null point of a magnet should not be ignored any more. A magnet is like a pump, it needs input to the null point in order to work. A magnet has a cone of magnetism emanating from each pole. I’m suggesting that the magnetism emanating from the poles comes from the invisible disc around the null point. Also to go with that thought, a coil is the same. And, with 2 coils wound in opposite directions as with the bucking coils, we end up with an electric null point of sorts as well.

Our galaxy has the same configuration as a magnet (so does our planet…and so does every atom for that matter). A cone above the galactic plane pointing inward…a cone below the galactic plane pointing inwards as well…and a disc (center null point) that IS the galactic plane (the place where matter exists). We cannot have a cone above without a cone below 😉 And the null point (3rd wave) needs to be there as well. In esoteric symbolism this triune is called a triquetra. These things have been known about and kept from us for a long time. But I could fill a whole new YT channel regarding esoteric electromagnetic symbolism and all that crap…haha…I’m bent!

Original definition of the word “Paranoia”:

— “the gift or ability to join the dots and connect seemingly unconnected events or circumstances”

Oh, how we’ve been twisted. Let’s untwist it and see what happens.

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