Hydrogen compressed H2 and O2 gas separator split cell by Stefan Hartmann


this is the hydrogen electrolysis seperator split cell design I came up with,
that will easily allow to compress both H2 and O2 output gases via just using external hydraulic pressure via a hose onto the electrolyte solution and this compression will be guided into the cell to compress the gases above the electrolyte-water-level.

So it is a safe way to compress the gases and use the gas pressure to fill up ballons or maybe also empty propane gas bottles with H2.

You have to make the electrolyte water-solution a bit more conductive as in normal HHO cells, cause the current has to travel larger ways inside the water or one could also drill
very small holes into the seperator plate and fill these holes with a material, that just only conducts ions, but will not let any gas through it.

Well, when I will have the time I will try to build such a cell and see, how much pressure I could generate on the H2.

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Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

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