Hot Cat Aces Self-Sustained Mode

The Hot Cat, developed by Andrea Rossi, just completed a rigorous test in which it has run for 218 consecutive hours in self sustained mode. What does this mean, exactly, to followers of the alternative energy source from the E-Cat?

It is quite significant for one basic reason: if the E-Cat runs in self-sustained mode, it means that it is not depending on an external source of power. That would be the equivalent to running a gasoline engine without gasoline. 218 hours is a little over 9 days in self-sustained mode. Try driving across the U.S. without refueling your diesel or gasoline powered car.

Is self-sustained mode necessary? Well, it is necessary, and handy. LENR, or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, have been considered by the mainstream scientific community to be fake science – a pseudo science. It’s not even supposed to exist, and any successful generation of energy has been considered incidental and insignificant. The fact that Rossi has been able to get any kind of sustained reaction at all is a major step forward for LENR. In fact, sustained operation of a LENR is capable of providing a disruptive technology significant enough to upset commerce as we know it.

The self sustained mode makes it possible to use the Hot Cat in even more remote areas than previously thought. We were excited when Rossi was able to start the reaction with gas heat. This meant that the E-Cat could be started with a diesel generator, providing excess energy in areas of the world that have no electrical service. Now, the unit can be started and, once the reaction begins, left to do its job.

Besides the ease of operation, the fact that it can run in self sustained mode also means the end output of energy is even greater than the input necessary to start the reaction. In sustained mode, with input, the E-Cat provides 2 to 3 times as much power as it takes to run the reactor. This beats all other energy sources hands down, with the maximum usually 1.7 achieved only with nuclear fission. If the Hot Cat runs in self sustained mode, it means that percentage of power output increases significantly.

Over a week in self sustained mode is a great accomplishment. But, the Hot Cat ran for 14 days straight – 336 hours. That’s a lot of power generation whether its self sustained or aided. Let’s hope more news keeps coming out of Leonardo Corp.

via Hot Cat Aces Self-Sustained Mode.

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