SG Solar Oscillators John Bedini

In this video I’m showing what can be done with al the SG oscillators, what the Patent talked about was charging a battery by means from a Solar Panel. However what the patent office disallowed was the use of branch currents. So one source is capable of charging multiple batteries from one source battery or Solar Panel, this applies to all my machines if the impedance is figured out on the batteries. The discussion is in the Energy Science Forum at, If you have two batteries, identical in all respects, and you charge them as a parallel pair, then each will get half of the current from the solar panel or oscillator. Each will get the full voltage. HOWEVER, as your batteries will never be identical, it is not a good idea to simply parallel them. The Radiant Charge acts a little different because it sees each batteries impedance as one circuit in this arrangement and so the batteries are split and on one oscillator circuit each.. US Patent 7990110 John Bedini

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