What’s common in Norman Shah Afridi , Lutec, EBM, Kapanadze, Free Energy Device

What is common between Norman Shah Afridi , Hungarian EBM, Lutec, Kapanadze, Free Energy Device. Thousands of man hours spend by countless number of experimenters and the few of them who are left , at their very top the right before the big victory moment , they over sudden, simply vanished, simply disappear. The individuals involved usually are somewhat well. No one complains about money wasted for technology that suppose to be dead by now. 🙂
There is however someone death from time to time (Stanley Allen Meyer- water fueled car) It is considered to be lack of cooperation with disturbed entities act in distress, that usually looks like an accident.

I happened to be a victim of overreacting, very sensitive Russian “entity”
My visit to Tariel Kapanadze in Prague( extended to Tbilisi) was for them enough to poison me. They’ve been motivated I assume by “an act of American interference” in Russian “private interest”. However Russians often try to cut operation cost, due to ever present corruption. So I’ve managed to recover.
Shockingly it is so little needed for some Russians to commit a murder. This is how little value is human life for them . That “Entity’ representing “Russian interest” is a large and known chocolate manufacturer located in Riga Latvia ( in time of that incident operated and owned by Russians) Interesting is also methods they used.:
– young couple boy and his girlfriend at the back of the sit in airplane ( from Prague to Tbilisi )
– man around 45 years old , with ~8 years old child next to him 3 rows in front of me ( he was the poisoner -who strangely enough left Tbilisi airport just by himself)
After the incident in Tbilisi I had a choice to load attention and turn my video documentary to police or to see Tariel presentation of his FE device. ( some of that video file is available on internet on my channel till now recorded in real time as it happened !!!! and me admitting that I was poisoned and manifestation of shock and my disbelieve )

We all know Free Energy must come from somewhere in some form, and be converted by us, to usable form of energy that is free for us to be used. So if some of the entities even these who are backed up with government money over sudden vanish, it is simply amplifying attention of others to fallow the path.

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