Torque Multiplier Replication from Peru

South American Media is a buzz with the News.. Fernando Sixto Ramos, a Peruvian blind engineer aged 63, shot to fame this week in Peru after receiving an international award for inventing a system that could solve energy problems worldwide. It is capable of multiplying the force generated by a motor as many times as is required. A force amplifier, a 1 hp motors output is converted into a 30 hp motor. go to for more info. The idea is that when the wheels are arranged so that the cam makes them contra rotate, the connecting bar traces a figure of 8, Thus when you place a weight on a lever to the connecting rod it ( It is placed vertically, almost like an inverted pendulum ) will appear to be constantly falling, or levering to the left or the right, with each left and right movement. this movement of the weight that has been leveraged against the cams is the source of the torque multiplication The inventor gives that as his explanation. It does seem this may conform to those machines that claim to use centrifugal force (internal centrifugal potential field) for creating excess energy. The additional force does not fulfil Newton’s third law. No reaction occurs and this force is converted into a torque and power in this case. Now i will just have to connect up a few motors to do some measurements

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