Tesla Hairpin Circuit Radiant Energy Examined

More to come 🙂

WARNING! — I don’t recommend that you try this at home until you read about and understand the underlying concept, because caution needs to be excercised…with a higher input to the system you can hurt yourself or cause death.

Reference vid: Eric Dollard – Origin of Energy Synthesis

This stuff needs to be put through a vacuum 😉 And as I mentioned in the vid, I’d love to see a Tesla coil primary put inbetween the dielectrics…perhaps a Tesla pancake coil primary…hmmm. I will definitely be replacing the static spark gap with a rotary spark gap in order to put the system into resonance 😉 Resonance will increase the output potential, but at the same time it will increase the dielectric/scalar potential…joy! This dielectric arrangement can have analogue applications as well…and that will be explored down the road too. IMHO this hairpin circuit is the missing Tesla puzzle piece…that’s why he was never granted a patent for it. The dielectric realm communicates with the time domain/ether…the resistor is tapping the local ether for longitudinal/scalar/dielectric forces (a la Heaviside, Tesla, Steinmetz).

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