TurXbine ®

TurXbine® is a mechanism diverting the inlet energy produced by pressurized dust, gas, air, and fluids into mechanical energy and can be used in every field.

The operating principle of the invention is as such: The system transfers the pressurized power (dust, gas, air, and fluid) directed to the Turning Turbine Inlet Cell via its Energy Diversion Shaft from the cells existing in the Turbine Blades to the Turning Turbine Outlet Cell. This pressurized power is transferred to the outside of the turbine system through the Adjustable Outlet Nozzle. During this process the pressurized power which is in the Turning Turbine Inlet Cell is diverted into the mechanical energy and is directed through Energy Diversion Shaft just about 180 degree opposite the inlet power and because it is directed to the outside via Adjustable Outlet Nozzle, the power produced in the mechanical power shaft is doubled. The output power is equaled with the input power thanks to the Adjustable Outlet Nozzle. Therefore the input power can be used again and again by being taken to the outside of the Turbine System via the Adjustable Outlet Nozzle.

This invention turbine does not require an external pressure power, when operated in a Closed Network System, which has the equaled input pressurized power with output-pressurized power. Namely, the invention turbine the Output power of pressure, inlet pressure as a force or series within the same system, depending on preference and / or parallel connected to the same turbine systems can be used over and over again.

Currently, there is no high efficiency turbine system as such and current turbine technologies are based on the power produced by the Blades having the radius of the turbine. In these systems, in order to take full advantage of input power it have to be done either increasing the number or the lengths of the wings. While the input pressure is diverted into the mechanical energy in these systems, all the input power has to be used. But with this invention, since the input pressure is used both in the full diameter of the turbine and in the opposite direction, mechanical power shaft produces two-fold mechanical power. Because the input pressure power is used again in the 180 degree opposite direction by the energy diversion shaft, the power produced in the mechanical power shaft is doubled and directed outside of the turbine to be used again.

The differences of this invention from the current technologies are the cost of production and time, the variety of usage and the capacity of the power produced compared with other available technologies. Thanks to these features, this invention can be used in every field of industry.

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