Transformer Part 2, the Delayed Lenz Effect with Scope Shots

In this follow up video about the regenerative generator effect taking place inside the high impedance secondary coil transformer video, you can see that at 200 Hz the power factor (phase angle between voltage and current) decreases to less than 90 degrees. And in the second part you can see that in case of driving this transformer at 950 Hz we see that the opposite is taking place. In this case we can see that the phase angle becomes even more close to 90 degrees out of phase when we connect the load to it. So that can explain why the input power / wattage to my wattmeter is decreasing while connecting my load to the high impedance secondary coil of my transformer. So the conclusion for now is that at 950 Hz the load is able to run purely reactive! Mutch more information about this effect can be found at Thane C Heins it’s youtube Channel:

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