Isamel Aviso Tech Ambient extraction basic principles part 3 / 3 Ismael Aviso was forced to make these video to answer all repeated question coming into his email everyday. These 3 videos will show you how & what is needed to accomplish the over-unity machine. He gave 30% technical details & 95% basic principles on how to extract ambient energy..including what is inside the black box of his Ecar… sorry for the shaky amature hand video. His original channel is here: I got permission from him to copy it to my Youtube channel as a backup. Many thanks for Ismael to have come forward with the explanations how his great technology works. He is a real genius. Please support him. Regards, Stefan. Good magnets could be got here: Cylinder rod magnets: Strong magnets Cube magnets Ball magnets: or: Cylinder magnet with hole in the center with radial polarisation:

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