AOGFG Self-Runner Gravity Motor Prototype Nearly Completed, March 23, 2011

Sorry for poor quality. This video of Bobby Amarasingham’s technology prototype was shot with a cell phone. The good news is that he gave us permission to share it because the resolution is low enough that no keys are disclosed. This is a unit built by an engineering group in Bristol, UK It is almost completed. If I understand correctly, this one was designed to be self-powering with energy left over for practical use. I don’t think this is one that requires modest drive power to produce copious output, which is what the group in Holland is producing as a production prototype. Bobby expects that this Bristol prototype will produce about 4 kilowatts with the outer (Ferris) wheel spinning at 60 rpm, while the inner wheels spin at 240 rpm. Doubling the speed is calculated to quadruple the power output. The calculations take the size, speed, weight, and out of balance torque into consideration, and are done by professional scientists. The production prototype from Holland is very nearly completed. For more info, see:

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