New Breakthrough in Over Unity Theory

After the research and analytical work a new theory has been developed and now Jovan Marjanovic and academician Veljko Milkovic are presenting the theory which says that acting force against moving body will not only accelerate the mass of the body, but also its initial kinetic energy too. The product of initial velocity and additional velocity times the mass would be measurement of extra energy or over-unity energy.

Kinetic Energy and Overunity – Abstract:

The goal of this work is to point out some important facts in formulas for kinetic energy and momentum (quantity of the movement) for moving bodies. It will be shown that over unity behavior is inherent in movement itself.

In this work the authors will discuss:

– origin of the formulas for linear momentum and kinetic energy, – principle of adding energy to a moving body as the key for over unity, – initial velocity in gravitation field, – the best way of adding energy to the pendulum, – validity of relativity of classic mechanics inside an inertial frame.

Download this paper here.

More about Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator – A Mechanical Amplifier by Veljko Milkovic:

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