ORBO: The Final Demo – Proving Overunity

ORBO by Steorn

UPDATE: Here’s the YouTube videos published on Feb. 1 by SteornOfficial featuring McCarthy’s historic Jan. 30 “Proving Over-Unity” live presentation at the Waterways Centre in Dublin, Ireland.

This demonstration summarized the findings of

1) no back EMF,
2) no component degradation (e.g. Gauss diminishing) to produce the effect, and
3) inductance gain (energy being harvested from somewhere).

With this final demonstration, the technology is now being released to developers to prepare the technology for market.

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Steorn is pleased to announce that the final pre-launch demonstration of its Orbo technology, “Proving Overunity” will take place at 1600 GMT on Saturday January 30th.

Steorn invites you to view the demonstration streamed live at www.steorn.com or attend in person at the Waterways Ireland Visitor Centre, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4, Ireland.

More: http://www.steorn.com/demo/

Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, will demonstrate and prove that Orbo is an overunity technology.

Who should attend:
Anyone interested in understanding Orbo Technology or taking up an Orbo Technology Developer License.


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