Wireless Power Transfer via Mini Tesla Coil

Wireless Power Transfer via Mini Tesla Coil

This was just a Mini #Teslacoil kit we got from Amazon and wanted to show, how one can transfer #electricalpower wirelessly, #wireless #power #transfer.

Here are a few kits that are available on Amazon, where you can have the same effects.

COLOR TREE Musik Coil Plasma Lautsprecher Wireless

Bluetooth Musik Tesla Spule Bauen Plasma Rechteckwellen Musikspektrum Tesla Coil Wissenschaft Bildung Desktop Spielzeug Modell SSTC

Mini Classic Gap Spark Tesla Spule künstlicher Blitzgenerator Magic Tesla Coil Lightning Generator für den Physikunterricht

Tesla Coil Kit Mini Tesla Coil LED LED Zündkerzenmodul DIY Elektronik Kit DC12V (Bausatz) Kit

HandsMagic Micro Tesla Spule Tesla Coil SGTC Funkenstrecke Tesla Spule DIY Kits Wissenschaft Physik Spielzeug

HENE Tesla Spule Desktop, Bluetooth-Musiklautsprecher mit weißer Basisschale, Experiment Tesla Coil Technologie Wissenschaft Bildung Desktop Spielzeug Modell

So if you also want to light a Fluorescenz tube wirelessly, get one of the gadgets and try it yourself !
Happy tinkering !
Regards, Stefan.

P.S: I am an amazon affiliate and get a commission if you order something from Amazon, but you don’t pay more….it is the same price…
Many thanks for using my links to support the channel. it is highly appreciated. Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.

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