Resonance: Loopstick ElectroSmog Harvester, Resonant Tuning

The humble Loopstick Variable Inductor makes a great demonstrator of Resonant Tuning in an LC tank circuit.

I took a reading of the ambient (enhanced) electrosmog with a grounded scope probe and saw a lot of power at between 700 and 800 kHz, about. Not so strange since I am operating an EM power transmitter in that range.

(I just realized I could have used the Spectrum Analyzer function from the Link DSO to find the optimum frequency band for harvesting … oh well, save that for next time… )

So I’m using the Loopstick Variable Inductor and a tiny air-variable trimmer capacitor to illustrate creating, calculating, tuning, and using a resonant tank circuit to take advantage of all that power that surrounds me in the space between the air.

I hooked the loopstick up to the inductance meter and measured the minimum and maximum inductances, and also measured the max and min capacitances of the little trimcap. The readings are included in the video as still frames.

The Resonant Frequency calculation is taken from
using the approximate values for the electrosmog frequency and the inductor’s midrange setting to calculate the needed capacitor value, which turns out to be just above the minimum that the trimmer can reach. (The electrosmog is a bit lower in frequency during this video than when I made the original measurement and calculation, making it easier to tune with the capacitor.)

The music is from the YouTube Free Audio Library: “Garden Walk” and “Voyeur” by Jingle Punks. Thanks !

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