cold fusion perhaps replication 2

Hi all

This is simply to show that i can add another tungstene electrode and ger very good results.

Sorry for the background sound but i have put the ventilation of the kitchen at full power to avoid any gaz stagnation.

The important thing here, is that in my previous video , i got a real fusion of the tungstene electrode, i mean that in a very short time (about 15 minutes of full activity) , the electrode is about 5 mm shorter and in a very and almost perfect spiky form .

On this second experiment, as soon as the reaction occures, i decrease the power to the minimum where the reaction is always active,

So the idea is to increase rapidly the wattage until you get the reaction, which need a lot of watt (more than 650 in this experiment) and than decrease the power to sustain the reaction (about 200 watts ).

So the vaporisation is always very strong, and you can see that the color are almost blue at the bottom of the electrode (probably plasma ) and becoming more orange at the water surface.

After 15 minutes the electrodes are almost as new.

Simply to think

I am preparing a better lab testing to improve the results, so be patient

good luck at all !


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