cold fusion perhaps , reactor heat versus power

This video to test a reactor of 1 liter with 0.1 mole NaHco3 (backing soda)

The tungstene cathode (1.6 mm diameter) is very short only 14 mm is active outside the silicone isolation tubing , and is working at the lowest power i could get to maintain the reaction.
At this low power, the cathode seems not to suffer.
After about 90 minutes of testing, the cathode was always OK (no significant deformation. The surface aspect seems smoother at per the original state.

This minimum plasma reaction needs about 38-39 watts to heat the electrolyte and maintain constantly 83.4 degrees celsius.

In the next video, i will take out the reactor from the jar, and introduce (in the 1 liter same electrolyte) an electric boiller (thermoplongeur), and set the power until the heat stabilise at the same température, and see how many watts is needed.

Testing goes ahead

Good luck at all


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