Chip SWES – Vintage microchip 1.5V wireless electricity

Using a microchip first produced in 1976, this circuit utilises a Darlington Pair transistor stage found inside a ULN2003A.
They are normally used with low input current and voltages to switch and drive higher destination loads, like motors.
Along with a Tesla bifilar pancake coil, the chip works admirably within a wireless electricity setup.
This particular chip has the date code: 8831 – Summer of 1988, it’s nearly 25 years old 🙂

Many different chips will work – download the datasheet and check the ‘Equivalent Circuit’ for possible connection points. Most chips will run from 5V normally, but here they can be used with much lower voltages, when different pins are trialled.

The Chip SWES will be available on my website: if there is interest.
Price fully built: $15 shipped to CONUS, including all that you see in the video
(if I can find more of the flicker flame candles).

Commercial rights are reserved for Thortz Energy

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