gegene replication 1

Hi all

Here my replication of the “GEGENE” generator, that i have found at Jean-Louis Naudin site.

This generator seems very interesting and very easy to replicate. The only special piece is the Tesla flat pancake bifilar coil as per his patent. Mine is 16 turns of bifilar soft stranded wire 0.75 mm2 standard plastic insulated.

But Jean Louis Naudin explain very well how to do and to connect .

So the first results are really interesting. For me the lamps came directly without putting a magnetic plate above the Tesla coil.

When i try to reduce the power, down to 500 watts , suddenly the lamps quit and than they come back. ???? probably due to the sensor of thje induction plate, perhaps that is a threshold between the input and output power, where the system disengage??

Anyway this is really promising, and easily measurable.
Have to buy some more Halogen an make more measurement

good luck at all

just for info i payd about 70 euros for the “Tristar ” 2000 watts induction plate and some bucks for the halogen and wire.

Discussion at “Conspirovniscience forum ”

Hé les gars c’est le top ce truc !!!

Good luck at all


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