gegene replication 3

Hi all

I speak french because this video is specially dedicated to Pascuser at conspirovniscience, to perhaps complement his study on the Gegene.

So i found today that on some special configurations of the Gegene setup, i got an additional modulation, a kind of third modulation.

So i did this video to show the scope shot. I do not think that the scope make wrong image, because i got this modulation at certain setting of the plate wattage, and distance of the 2 coils and at different and adapted load. and not on other config

And as Pascuser has discovered that there can be some “ARCH SHAPE ” in the bottom of the computed power trace where Jean- Louis Naudin could get very good results and outside those Arch, the results seems to be standard.

Pascuser proposes that this special config could perhaps be the origin of the capturing of some extra energy under the form of “ether wind”, which can cause the extra COP.

Just for info the scope shot is taken with a 1 Mohm resistor on the main scope probe, because my beginner scope can not handle the too high voltage. So do not try to make calculation , it is only a visualisation presentation.

OK discussion at conspirovniscience.

Good luck at all


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