gegene replication 2

Hi all

First of all a big thank to Jean Louis Naudin, for his work on this system and his perseverance to produce very much and interesting results

And second thank to all the people at Conspirovniscience (espacially Pascuser ) for the very good work in terms of being very clear and systematic in the apporoach of a good measurment . (OK en plus simple et en french, bravo à tous)

OK i just stumbled upon a very small induction plate with only 800 watts max power and an induction coil of very small diameter only 12 cm.

I got it for some bucks as it was an advertasing item.

Than i simply crashed away the vitroceramique window, so i can acces directly to the inductor. and i decided to wind some different Tesla pancake coil of 12 cm diameter to see the difference.

So this small material will be my next working lab to investigate at my level , the basis of this GEGENE oportunity .

^So this video is simply my very crude testing and i hope this will motivate you to replicate and perhaps approach the goal.

Hope this helps

happy new year and good luck at all


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