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Update 23 NGE Papp: More Balloon Testing & The Search For Feedback Current.

Update 23 NGE Papp: More Balloon Testing & The Search For Feedback Current. Thank you all for your continued support. its much appreciated and needed. ~Russ more to come… 🙂 one can donate to…

Update 19 NGE Papp: Finished "Papp Test Timer Circuit", Ignition Set Up Test, & life! ;)

Schematic Is Posted Here: http://open-source-energy.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=659&pid=10230#pid10230 trying to raise 400$ to stay safe and detect neutrons. this is what i will be getting: http://www.bubbletech.ca/radiation_detectors_files/bubble_detectors.html one can donate to my research via my web page: http://rwgresearch.com/donate-to-rwgresearch-com/…

Submitting an Entry to Oprah’s "Grow Your Life" Contest

See associated story at http://pesn.com/2013/05/29/9602323_Sterling-Submits-Entry-to-Oprahs-Grow-Your-Life-Contest/ You can submit an entry at http://Oprah.com/growyourlife See also http://SafeHavenVillages.org, our intentional community project. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

You Stll Kick’n Russ? haha LIFE… Fun Stuff! Live This Weekend! God Bless

Live Feed Here: rwgresearch.com Pulse motor Build off stuff here: rwgresearch.com Web Site Here: rwgresearch.com Forums Here: www.open-source-energy.org God Bless you all! Much Love! ~Russ

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READ ME!!!!! READ ME!!!!!! READ ME!!!!!!! READ ME!!!!!!!! READ ME!!!!!! So there are others that may release more data and I don’t want any one including me to be blamed for something that is…