F. M. Chalkalis Gravity Wheel

Grecian inventor F. M. Chalkalis is open sourcing a motor design that allegedly can harness the power of gravity, centrifugal power, the lever, the flywheel, etc.

“After 28 years of hard work, many disappointments, personal expenses, and the valuable help of my son in the last couple of years”.

On June 26, 2010, he posted a video at YouTube showing his device in operation and he posted a blog site giving the particulars of how to replicate his motor.


Two metal blades 1.12m long are connected on an axis in an angle of 60° forming an equilateral triangle.

On each metal blade at a 510mm distance from the axis, there is the center of an aerodynamic shape lead disk. (2 equal disks of 45,69kg total weight.)

The rest 610mm of the metal blade, calculating from the center of each disk, work as a lever.

The metal blades at the length of 1,12m are connected with each other by a tube filled with lead, weighing 4,5kg which increases the total power and which is also part of the halting system.

Following the principles of free fall and centrifugal force the disks cover the 92% of a full rotation.

For instance in order to complete a full rotation from point “zero” (12 o’clock) of a 50kg weight thanks to the lever only 5kg of force is needed.

The transmission of motion to the rotating weight is achieved with 2 wheels similar to the baseball throwing mechanism.

The wheels weigh 15kg which corresponds to the 30% of the rotating weight and they function as flywheels.