“Nothing else in the world…not all the armies…is more powerful as an idea whose time has come…” – Victor Hugo, The Future of Man. From the series Great Ideas


Electromagnetic Field (Photon) Energy is Created at the Sub-Atomic Quantum Electron Level in Every Current Bearing Wire

This created Electromagnetic Field Energy has been performing all the Negative Work at Infinite Efficiency (Kinetic Energy reduction) in every Faraday Electric Generator since 1834.

In 2007 it was discovered that this same created Electromagnetic Field Energy could be employed in order to perform Positive Work at Infinite Efficiency in the US patented ReGenX Generators and ReGen-X Quantum Motor innovations when the generator’s Load Current was Delayed in the Time Domain.

Electromagnetic Field Energy is created at the Sub-Atomic Quantum Electron level in every current bearing wire when an Electromotive Force (Voltage / Electron-Motive Force) is applied to or induced in the wire (according to Faraday’s Law of Induction) and when Electric Current is allowed to flow in the wire in a closed circuit.

The Electromotive Force causes loose Electrons to exit their Valence Orbits via Electron Fission and they cascade within the wire as Electric Current.

When the disassociated and unstable Electrons return back down to their lower energy Valence Orbits via Electron Fusion they emit Photons (energy packets and the Force Carrier for Electromagnetic Fields) which create and constitute the Electromagnetic Field Energy around the Current Bearing Wire (originally discovered by Hans Christian Oersted in 1820).
In all Faraday Generators since 1834 this created Electromagnetic Field Energy produces a Counter-Electromagnetic-Torque and it performs Negative Work according to Lenz’s Law of Induction, reducing the Kinetic Energy of the Prime Mover or in the case of an electric vehicle – reducing the Kinetic Energy of the EV during regenerative braking.

The US patented ReGenX Generator / ReGen-X Quantum Motor innovations (both invented in 2007) operate with a Load Current Time Delay which delays the Current Flow in the Generator/Motor Coil in the Time Domain such that the creation of the Electromagnetic Field Energy around the Generator/Motor Coil produces a Complementary-Electromagnetic-Torque which performs Positive Work such that ANY MAGNITUDE OF ELECTRICITY can now be generated at INFINITE EFFICIENCY while simultaneously performing ANY MAGNITUDE OF POSITIVE WORK also at INFINITE EFFICIENCY.

From a physics perspective it means that:

1) A Load Current Time Delay has been introduced into Lenz’s Law of Induction and it has been reversed and invalidated.

2) Such that Positive Electromagnetic Work is performed (system Kinetic Energy increase / EV Regenerative Acceleration) rather than Negative Electromagnetic Work (system Kinetic Energy decrease / EV regenerative braking).

3) Faraday’s Law of Induction has been rewritten with a Plus Sign (+) instead of a Negative Sign (-).

4) Newton’s First and Third Laws of Motion have been invalidated and the “equal and opposite reaction” Counter-Electromagnetic-Torque has been replaced with an “equal and identical” Complementary-Electromagnetic-Torque.

5) The First Law of Thermodynamics has been rewritten.

6) The theory of conservation of energy has been invalidated.

7) And the Law of Creation of Energy of 1820, i.e. how Electromagnetic Field Energy is created at the Sub-Atomic Quantum Electron level via Electron Fission and Electron Fusion in all Current Bearing Wires is currently being re-introduced.

Thane Christopher Heins 11,11, 2023

Thane C. Heins
Founder and CEO Potential +/- Difference Inc. Clean-tech R&D
Ottawa, Canada
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