Nick Cook: The Nazi Bell, Hans Kammler & Tic Tac UAP (2020) – Nick Cook is the former aviation editor of Jane’s Defence Weekly & author of the best-selling “The Hunt for Zero Point”.

In this interview with Tim Ventura, he updates us on the Nazi Bell Project & SS General Hans Kammler, which he introduced in HZP, and also offers thoughts and commentary on the recently released “Tic Tac” Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) encounter with the USS Nimitz battle group back in 2004.

The latest speculation asserts that the most reasonable explanation for the Nazi Bell Project was as a type of centrifuge used in the Nazi nuclear program during WWII, not as a type of antigravity propulsion system. Nonetheless, this story of secret wartime research programs continues to captivate the imagination of audiences around the globe looking for answers.

One of those answers comes in the form of tracing Hans Kammler’s path after the end of WWII, which Nick Cook participated in with along with group of investigators, ultimately leading to the story told in “The Hidden Nazi: The Untold Story of America’s Deal with the Devil” by authors Dean Reuter, Colm Lowery, and Keith Chester.


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