John Hutchison & Ted Gagnon on The Hutchison Effect and Quantum Envelopes – This conference interview including both John Hutchison & Ted Gagnon focuses on explaining the Hutchison Effect through Gagnon’s mastery of “Quantum Potential Envelopes”. The dialogue revolves around how resonant-frequency waveforms could offer a means of control for the otherwise random Hutchison-Effect.

This interview is an extension of the questions raised about potentially controlling the Hutchison Effect during our Ted Gagnon interview. In light of Gagnon’s unique ability to predict frequencies capable of causing anomalous effects, it was hoped that by opening a discourse between Hutchison & Gagnon that a reasonable explanation for controlling the Hutchison Effect might be reached.

This interview is over 2 hours in length, and contains extensive background information on both Hutchison & Gagnon, as well as a detailed description of potential frequency packages involved with creating the Hutchison Effect & antigravity effects.

Originally recorded: September 12th, 2005

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