The Big UnBoxing… Tektronix MDO4024C Mixed Domain Oscilloscope! + Lots Of Probes

Welcome To The New Age…
Tektronix MDO4024C Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

The Scope :
MDO4024C SA3 Installed Option; (1) Spectrum analyzer
MDO4AFG Arbitrary Function Generator

The probes:
TCP0030A AC/DC Current Probe; 30 Amp DC, 120 MHZ
THDP0100 100MHz 100X/100X high-voltage diff probe
119414600-NEW RF PROBE SET

God has Blessed me with the privilege of such a good piece of kit so that i can do his work. There is no other explanation. This is not about me… This is about us… now… let’s do some REAL physics

~Russ Gries

My Equipment:

for recording:

Gopro Hero 4 silver ( borrowed 🙂 ) :

Panasonic HC-VX981K:

With VW-W4907 0.75X Wide Angle lens:


motovlog mic:
MicroMemo/XtremeMac/Voice-Audio Recorder for I-Pod Nano 2nd Generation – I just use the mic part…

Nikon ME-W1 Bluetooth:

Azden SGM-990:

for editing:

TRNDlabs VENTURA Wireless Headphones:

Asus GL551JM-DH71:

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