Extreme High Voltage: TinselKoil X #3: Wireless Power Transmission

Here I demonstrate the true Tesla wireless power transmission system.

TinselKoil X is an excellent transmitter, with a matching coil used as receiver. Nothing is hard-wired to ground in this demonstration. The power from the transmitter flows through space by capacitive E-field coupling to the receiver. The power _to_ the transmitter comes from a 24 volt battery, But just how is the circuit completed, since neither transmitter nor receiver is hard-wired to ground?

For more details about the apparatus please see the previous two video demonstrations of the TKoilX.

Caution: This system is HIGH VOLTAGE and can cause painful RF burns. Don’t try this at home unless you think you know what you are doing. I am not responsible for your burns or damaged expensive equipment!

Music is “Voyeur” by Jingle Punks, from the YT free audio library. Thanks!

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