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The SPET (SCALAR & PHOTON & ELECTROMAGNETIC THERAPY). Combining the ISMAEL WATER and Herbal’s therapy and SPET create a powerful alternative to help restore sick people with chronic diseases and cancers fast. There are so many patient testimonies already which health restored. All of these are part of AWP ( Aviso Wellness Protocol)
It uses light (electromagnetism) to resupply our lost electrons (negative charge in our body).
Food alone cannot cope up; for the average person nowadays, there are just too many electrons lost from our body on a daily basis because they are being eaten up the by far too many FREE RADICALS oxidants from pollution entering our body and cells. Lack or low supply of electrons leads to weakness and to many illnesses.
The Aviso SPET formula assists (does not replace) the food in supplying the needed electrons to raise up the electric charge in our body. The older we grew, the lesser the electron charge level we have. Younger people do not easily get sick compared to the elderly because younger people still have more amount of electrons in their bodies and move a lot, But this is changing fast: too many FREE RADICALS oxidants (electrons eaters) are invading the body.
The SPET (electromagnetism light) therapy is one harmless, safe and effective method to give our body its much needed lost electrons to make the body “hotter” enough to burn germs, viruses, including cancers, and at the same time to clear out our block blood vessels.
In short, SPET addresses the two most deadly group of diseases today: (1) cancer group and (2) CVD ( cardio-vascular disease group. Cancer is a group of over 100 types of cancer. CVD is a group of diseases affecting our blood vessels resulting to deadly illnesses such as heart attack and stroke.
SPET, after paying for its price, will prove to be very cheap but more effective than chemotherapy and treatments for heart problems like angioplasty and bypass operations.
But before you buy our SPET equipment, we invite you to visit us or our Facebook “ Aviso water cure Iwt “ to see the current update on testimonies of patients going there for therapy. You will be much welcome.
SPET have a list of specific frequencies by which your body may be subjected to, to address a very particular and specific health problem. This is real, clean but subtle energy working to solve and free the clogged up energy inside your body which appears as tumor, plaque, cyst, cancer, etc.

SPET (Scalar & Photons Electromagnetic Therapy) or in layman’s term, light therapy, is all about addressing your PHYSICAL ILLNESS with electrical solution – energy solution – based on our knowledge and understanding that SOLIDIFIED OR PHYSICALIZED ILLNESS ARE ENERGY CLOG UP OR ENERGY TRAPPED due to wrong mental-emotional processes (e.g., negative thinking and emotions) and wrong physical actions that disturbed the balanced and hindered the smooth flow, in and out flow, of energy inside the body.

SPET ( Scalar & Photon Electromagnetic Therapy ) with full power blast of electron to charge the body. Thanks to the 3 special inert gas , Argon, Xenon & Krypton gas charge the Plasma Tube and combined with Scalar Electromagnetic frequency pulse based from proven frequency that kills many type of Bacteria and Cancer. Discovered by many top caliber scientist for over 100 years. SPET is a combination of different proven technology like Tesla , Lachovsky, Rife , Hulda clark , Priore of France and John Holt of Australia and many more.. .based from their combined experienced then improved by Eng. Aviso. Why need to improve ? due to nowadays Bacteria and Cancer cell mutate into different frequency zone, many type of wireless gadget used by people are the main culprit. Eng. Aviso a Naturapathic Practitioner for the last 14 years and a Microwave Satellite engineer. His latest contribution to alternative medicine, a refined therapy machine with no side effect and proven very effective. SO EFFECTIVE IN JUST 1 SESSION OF SPET ,,,BREAST CANCER STG3 REDUCE DOWN TO 40%. We want to remind that SPET did not use any High frequency Radio transmitter, like most other brand that interfere with many electronics equipment. We start treating people just last month of Aug 2015 using SPET.

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