Rife Ismael version 6 video

Raymond Rife therapy machine is the only proven therapy for Cancer. 16 terminally cancer and ( as well many type of chronic diseases ) patients cured after less than 3 months. The US Gov. 1936 raided the laboratory confiscated all documents and the 2 co inventors John Crane and John Marsh, but Raymond Rife able to escaped to Mexico. They are only released 3 yrs after they agreed on probation not to talk to anybody about the success of the technology of the Rife Machine or else they will go back to jail.

Here’s the comments of John Crane: “Now the spikes that you see on the frequencies are the lethal part that kill and devitalize the virus. They are the resonant peaks of the frequencies which increase the voltage to a very high potential which the cells of the virus wall can not tolerate and they break up into many pieces and are destroyed.” (Dr. Rife’s Lab Film Narrated by John Crane in the 1970’s)
It’s doubtful that this understanding of the spikes would have been something that John Crane would have known anything about had Dr. Rife not told him about it. From the statements we have read the resonant frequency of an organism is not enough to devitalize it. It’s apparent that an organism’s resonant frequency will not harm it unless the resonant frequency is pulsed through modulation with a waveform that produces a high potential voltage rise.

Microwave satellite Eng.Ismael Aviso is now focusing on Alt Medicine technology and He is very interested on duplicating the Rife machine. Recently after 3 months of research He designed a very affordable system on creating spikes signal more better than 1936 of Rife machine. Based from the display of inductive coupled oscilloscope. Producing more sharp high potential spikes with at least 7 feet distance magnetic wave radiation. If the rules will be the high potential spikes, that cannot be tolerated by the bacteria, then Eng Aviso improved the spike wave. Once we have the Trinacular Microscope we will validate the efficiency of the spike wave . The good on Ismael designed it will bring down the cost to a fraction compared other well known brand. We hope we can get more enough funding to continue the R & D.

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