Gaia-Rosch AuKW Conference Call Allan-Reuter-J.D.-Hartmann about dismantling day

Gaia-Rosch AuKW Conference Call Allan-Reuter-J.D.-Hartmann about dismantling day
Audio conference between Sterling D. Allan and Roberto Reuter, which Roberto was driving home in his car and could chat via Skype with Sterling. Sterling then also fetched J.D. from GlobalBEM into the audio conference and at the end also me.
Well, Roberto tried to confince us all, that the unit is genuine, but now we found something else:
Smoothcriminal wrote here:

take a very close look on exerlebens close-ups from the upper and lower support beam section on the wall. especially the drilling holes. compare upper and lower ones. its pretty obvious that the upper beam wall section got repainted AFTER the holes got drilled.. if u strongly increase the contrast u can even see where they drilled the hole for the cable through the wall. it shows as a round imprint..
if u keep examine the fotos from dismantling day u can also find the hole for the cable to the generator in the baseplate on top of the tube (they covered it with tape).. (credits for this findings go to d.fense, devnull and uatu from allmystery forum)

Many thanks to J.D. for allowing me to use his footage from the
dismantling day in this video.
Regards, Stefan.

Link to this video:

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