Tesla Technology at the International Conference on Free Software May 10, 2014

On May 10, 2014, I gave a lecture about Open Source Exotic Free Energy Technologies at the 15th Annual International Conference on Free Software (FISL15) in Porto Alegre, Brazil, invited by one of the conference founders, Thomas Soares, who had me speak there last year also. http://softwarelivre.org/fisl15

(The lecture went well, by the way, though it was sparsely attended, similar to last year.)

The guys who did the Tesla Coil booth last year, throwing sparks to a cage a person could stand in, were there again. This time they were demonstrating wireless transmission of electricity, powering a fluorescent tube bulb. They also had a quadracopter showing their present task of wirelessly transmitting power to the drone so it doesn’t have to land to recharge or refuel.

I asked the other guy about the quandary of an endless-flight drone capability also giving tools for Big Brother spying on us. He said that the benefits that it gives to liberate and empower people through good uses outweigh the negative uses. Peaceful uses include farmers being able to quickly patrol their fields, cinematography, search and rescue, home and business security.

You can find them online at http://YouTube.com/AllElectronicsGR

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