Free Energy Device – Selfrunning Akula LED Latern unit with circuit diagram – Compilation

Final circuit diagram for the shown circuit
One more thing. Both chips are TL494.

Board layout plan:

older circuit diagram:

Discussion Thread at

This is a Compilation of 2 videos from Akula with 2 circuit diagram pictures with it. As Akula seems to have erased his Youtube account I am uploading this as a backup, so these videos don´t get lost.
I also made this compilation with circuit diagrams and both videos appended, so one can see the progress of the circuit and the measurements being done.
I believe we now have a genuine very easy to build free energy device with these circuits for powering for free some LED lights.
Also as these parts are not so expensive to acquire, this is really a breakthrough which every hobby tinkerer can build up in his garage
or workshop.

Well done Akula !
Welcome to the world of free energy !

Regards, Stefan.

Incoming search terms:

overunity free energy generator circuit diagram

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